Are you one of the thousands who would like to forego the daily ritual of applying makeup? Do you yearn for faultless eyeliner, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and beautifully outlined lips? Whether your hands are not as steady as you would like, you are allergic to ordinary cosmetics, or you simply want to save time, permanent makeup will help you feel effortlessly beautiful from morning to night. This procedure, which originated in Asia and is sweeping across Europe and America, can also conceal scars and put the finishing touches on cosmetic or plastic surgery. Whatever the reason feel confident that permanent makeup artist/medical tattooist Leslie Niglio of Mark of Beauty can help carefully guide you through the entire process. Leslie is a graduate of the Beau Institute, and has gone on to take advantage of more advanced courses. She is DAAMP board certified, licensed, and insured. Leslie specializes in bringing an artistic approach customizing colors and shapes in an effort to fit each client's individuals need. Please allow our site to educate you on the various services available through Mark of Beauty. If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any additional questions please feel free to contact Leslie.

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