The following three images illustrate the level of quality you can expect when getting tattoo work done by Dave. You will find comparisons of work, a tattoo rework, and a cover up on a black tattoo.

While these tattoos may be very different, this image illustrates the poor quality you may experience at some shops. The images are to illustrate the difference in control, clarity and sharpness of lines, and general overall quality. (click for detail) This image set illustrates the rework of an existing tattoo. The tattoo was literally transformed and made to look brand new. The quality when compared to the finished product is night and day. While in most cases Dave can fix bad tattoos, the easiest way is to get quality work done from the beginning. (click for detail) Image set illustrating an intense cover up. The original tattoo was a sun done entirely in black. While this took some more work than a normal cover up the outcome was exactly what the client had hoped for. While there was some prep work, the entire process pictured was done in one sitting. (click for details)